DREAM COPENHAGEN takes place through a series of unfolding events, interventions, and site-specific art exhibitions on multiple locations, pinpointing the city of Copenhagen. Because of its architecture, cultural and creative climate, Copenhagen is a source of inspiration, but also the physical podium for the event. The first edition was realised in collaboration with Dutch dance / performance group T.R.A.S.H. and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art during Copenhagen Art Week on September 1 (16:00–18:00 pm) and September 2 (16:00–20:00 pm). On September 2 at 17:00 pm there was an inspiring artist talk, as well as a panel discussion about how public space and urban planning affects and influences us with Kristine Samson (Associate Professor Visual Culture and Performance Design, University of Roskilde, Denmark), and Niels Roe (journalist / writer, Denmark).


When J.F. Willumsen, one of the founders and the architect of Den Frie, designed the iconic building in 1898, he envisioned a green space around it. Instead, the area around Den Frie grew into an urban asphalt jungle. A significant transition area where people are mostly in a rush and focused on going to their destination without noticing their surroundings. They don’t really slow down or take in their environment, but tend to rush and drive straight through it. People race against each other to be the fastest in an invisible race. Here, Den Frie is juxtaposed as an oasis of peace and beauty. In 2016, Den Frie had its long-awaited garden and the architects dream finally come true.

Jamain Brigitha (initiator en curator DREAM COPENHAGEN), Kristel van Issum (artistic director / choreographer T.R.A.S.H.), and the performers created disruption and interaction through a new site-specific work titled ‘Mein Liebling’ (Chapter 1 and 2). The work is derived from the dilemma in everyone’s life: the choice between here and there, between us and the other, between holding on and letting go.

The realisation of the project is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Knud Højgaards Fond, Københavns Kommune, Dans Brabant, and Performing Arts Fund NL. With special thanks to Copenhagen Art Week and Ivana Helsinki.

Cast & Crew ‘Mein Liebling’ DREAM COPENHAGEN
Concept and choreography: Kristel van Issum
Created with and performed by: Tegest Pecht-Guido, Lucie Petrusová, Helena Araújo, Eleni Ploumi, Georgi Sztojanov
Music composition: Roel van Camp, Hannes d’Hoine, Han Stubbe
Music: DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung), Han Stubbe (clarinet), Roel van Camp (accordeon), Hannes d’Hoine (double bass)
Set design: Paul van Weert
Dramaturgy: René Jagers

Performance ‘Enchanted Room’ by T.R.A.S.H.
© Ernest Potters

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